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World Open Network Platform Has Officially Launched

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  • World Open Network Platform Has Officially Launched

    World Open Network: The GENESIS of Games

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    World Open Network (WON), and their first third-party developer partner, Top Games Inc., are
    transforming the games industry by delivering a new genre of games in which end-users are able to
    exchange value within and between games, creating new and exciting ways to collaborate in the
    interactive art of gaming. WON is committed to developing a community of developers and end-users,
    linked by blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, designed to improve gameplay, development, and player
    interaction while limiting fraud, speculation, and illegal activity.

    • ICO Free blockchain, backed by real business
    WON has chosen not to raise development funds with an initial coin offering (ICO). Although some ICOs
    are honest efforts to fund blockchain ventures, many are outright scams. One study concluded that four
    out of five ICOs were scams. CoinTelegraph’s April 2018 list of the Top 5 Biggest Cryptocurrency Scams
    includes OneCoin, a Ponzi scheme which may have involved up to US$ 2.4 billion and PlexCoin, an ICO
    promising a 1,354% profit after 29 days. Additionally, many legitimate ICOs are selling a concept, rather
    than a working product or service, and, all too often, the developers fail to deliver a working product.
    Approximately 50% of ICOs fail within four months of the token sale. It is hardly surprising that ICO
    funding has reportedly dropped 90% in the last 16 months.

    WON is taking a different approach. The core of our community will be the World Open Blockchain
    (WOB) and its native coin the Ŵ (registered trademark pending). All of the Ŵ will be pre-mined and
    launched on a working platform, with products and services, developed by WON and our first developer
    partner, Top Games, immediately available to WON’s user community. A small pool of Ŵ will be used for
    core team incentives, a larger pool will be immediately available for distribution to users and developers
    committed to the WON community.

    Additionally, WON will guide developers through their own GENESIS events, creating Third-Party
    Developer Coins (DCs) which can be used for in-game transactions or traded for Ŵ and used for
    transactions across all games and applications on WON’s platform. Developers must follow WON’s lead
    and forego ICOs and air drops. Ŵ and the DCs are designed to reward creativity, productivity, and
    interaction, rather than speculation or fraud.

    • Fully Compliant not only for WON, but also for Third-party Developers
    All of the users and developers on the platform must provide proof of identity, in accordance with
    applicable Know Your Customer (KYC)/bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/Anti-
    money Laundering (AML)
    requirements, to WON. These regulations are designed to detect and prevent illegal activity, protecting
    innocent people and businesses from accidental involvement in crimes and fraud. Essentially, financial
    institutions and any other businesses that might be used for transferring money illegally are required to
    collect identity information from their customers, analyze the information to identify people most likely
    to be involved
    in money laundering, and report suspicious transactions to the government.
    Unfortunately, complying with the regulations is too difficult and expensive for many businesses. Large
    financial institutions spend an average of $48 million in compliance. To protect developers and users as
    efficiently as possible, WON will provide KYC compliance as a service to the users and developers on the
    WOB. Registering with WON will allow a user to interact and transact safely with any trusted application,
    developer or end-user on the WOB. Every transaction on the WOB will be traceable to a WON account,

    compliant with KYC/BSA/AML requirements. By discouraging speculation, WON will ensure that the
    value of the Ŵ and the DCs will be dependent solely on the value of the products and services provided
    on the WOB, creating feedback that encourages developers to boost productivity and creativity,
    increasing demand for their applications and services and encouraging users to participate actively in
    the WON community.

    • Collaborate with World Class Game Developer
    Our first third-party developer, Top Games, developers of the hit mobile game Evony: The King's Return
    (2016) available on Apple, Amazon and Google Play worldwide, is ready to lead the way. Founded in
    2015. Top Games has created exciting world-class games played by millions of gamers
    across the globe,
    and earns annual revenues up to $30,000,000. Evony: The King's Return, their prestigious mobile game,
    with over 15 million players, delivers an unparalleled ultimate gaming experience.

    With the advent of WON’s blockchain enhancement, Top Games anticipates a revolutionary transformation
    of the game industry, and
    is eager to deliver high-quality games and innovative P2P transaction mechanics.
    With six exciting new games under development, Top Games hopes to usher in a brand-new gaming
    experience for their loyal customers and the new customers joining WON’s community!

    • Developer Coins, what turn Dreams into Reality
    The GENESIS of Top Games’ developer coin, T, marks the beginning of WON’s virtuous reality –
    a community of trusted developers and users linked by our innovative World Open Blockchain, trading
    goods and services securely and efficiently, within and between applications, using cryptocurrency to
    develop creativity and interaction rather than speculation.

    • And Many More...
    To be revealed soon
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